The ed·DIE Horror & Paranormal Podcast. We discuss Horror & Paranormal Books, Movies, Hauntings & more. We dive into the stories that scare you, be it true cases or pure fiction. Join us for personal paranormal accounts, legends & more. Tell us Your own stories too.

Hosted by ed∙DIE & Rigo “RigorMortis” and their team of odd balls. Both ed·DIE & Rigo grew up in houses full of superstition & ghost stories.


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Having grown up in a house full of superstition & ghost stories, ed∙DIE is no stranger to the paranormal. His family can be said to have been plagued with paranormal happenings across continents & generations.

ed∙DIE is a published author  having put out a a graphic novel/live action cook book with a comedic twist under a pseudonym. At the time of publishing, he was a co-host on a food review web series that went on for three seasons ending in 2012. The combination of the cook book and series led to him having his own signature BBQ sauce which won a Gold Chili Award in 2013.

Also a musician he has recorded & performed with various artists playing different instruments in different music genres. His love of music also led to him hosting & co-hosting two separate FM Radio shows.

Currently he hosts The ed∙DIE Podcast, his own Horror & Paranormal Podcast where he, his co-host Rigo “RigorMortis” and their team of odd balls discuss Horror & Paranormal Books, Movies, Hauntings & more.

Rigo “RigorMortis”
Rigo Garay is a media and communications graduate. He currently works for film production company Glass Eye Pix, curated by horror auteur Larry Fessenden. He has many different credits with Glass Eye, including Production Manager, Assistant editor, sound operator and more.

His past credentials includes an internship with 2-time Academy Award winning director Barbara Kopple, a media fellow at the Collaborative Media Center of Old Westbury and a volunteer at the Preston Hancock Experience where he taught underprivileged children the fundamentals of film and editing.

Rigo enjoys writing crazy ass horror scripts and is entering pre-production for his debut film early 2017.

Mike D.
Mike attended college majoring in English & Writing and with a minor in Philosophy. He is an avid comic book reader and enjoys reading Horror & Science Fiction novels. Some of his favorite authors are Stephen King, H. P. Lovecraft & Clive Barker. He is currently a writer for and working on his own novel and comic book series. He is a Bruce Campbell affectionate and enjoys drinking craft beers.

Mike is always open to reading & reviewing comic books & novels of the horror & paranormal genre.