Episode 48: Annabelle

The Annabelle doll was made famous in the 2013 film THE CONJURING which then spawned the 2014 film & its upcoming prequel ANNABELLE: CREATION. What’s the real story behind this…

Episode 47: George A. Romero

Remembering the Legendary horror writer/director George A. Romero through his films and career. 1940 – 2017 #LetsTalkHorror  

Episode 46: Black Eyed Children

What are the “Black Eyed Children?” Where do they come from? What do they want? Are they dangerous? Are they real? We talk about them and people’s encounters with them….

Episode 45: The Blair Witch

After watching the most recent Blair Witch film we take a look at the entire film series & it’s off shoots. We compare the original to the new one &…

Episode 44: Spontaneous Human Combustion

What is “Spontaneous Human Combustion?” What is this strange phenomenon where a human being bursts into flames out of nowhere? We look at some history and some of what sciences…